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Ralph introduces you to the Featured Articles of Raccoon-lodge.com. Here on the front page is explained what this site is all about, but I have to say- there is little- or better nothing written about The Honeymooners or Jacky Gleason. The link here is really the discussion board- The Raccoon Lodge- which is based on the "creativity" of a native New Yorker (from Queens), from way back, when we were all looking for a name of that forum. As time goes by, things change- the Raccoon Lodge Board is still there and is still focussed on investments, but the site content relates mainly to health, in which actually some folks could have some interest too. To read the articles listed here in full- just click -the "read more" links at the bottom of the intro´s

Monday, 06 January 2020 17:03

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Hi- nice to see you here on Raccoon-lodge.com .   To begin with, I think I should do some general explaining.  About the site name- Raccoon-lodge.com for instance.   The former name of the site "cytx-investor.com" has been a domain, which I have owned for well over 10 years now and has been used to convey all kind of smart things about Cytori Therapeutics Inc. Well at least I thought at the time, when I wrote the former content, that they were smart things. But most folks who visited this site in the past years, probably have different opinions about the "cleverness of the articles" which I have been writing, since the former content related to this ticker symbol, which in hindsight was not all that great of a performer at all (for reasons many different opinions probably exists) and that might be a bit of an understatement. Still, the reason why the "Raccoon-lodge.com" emerged, is that in those years a small community developed, which "learned" to discuss things amongst themselves in a generally civilized fashion, which is nowadays rather rare and which culture is in itself is worth preserving. Still under "Nostalgia"- some of articles from those days can still be read
Thursday, 02 January 2020 10:06

What to expect on the H-side of the Lodge Featured

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Well- from the introduction you will have noted that the subject of the page is mainly health and the quest to live a 100 years.  My views on that are simple. In order to have any success in achieving "respectable old age", the main goal must first be, to avoid getting disorders which are dangerous, killers so to speak and I think in this respect one has to prophylactically strenghten one´s defenses towards those ailments. I think that can be done. Having quite some experience with them- i.e. being a myocardial infarction and colon cancer survivor on top of a few other things, tends to help. One learns to be respectful with those things and does not under-estimate the "preventive" task or as my endocrinologist calls it - engage in risk management of your health- I agree with him on that- we disagree on the methods that are required for that "health risk management"

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