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Fas is a retired globetrotter and former financial manager with a Dow Jones Company. After retiring early from business life due to health issues, he discovered the tremendous promise of regenerative medicine, whilst doing due diligence for his stock investments. Since that time-in 2005- he has been researching and learning about regenerative medicine and naturopathy ever since.  One of the remaining goals in life is to bridge the existing gap of understanding by patients and the general public, including investors in the space, of the progress made by the scientific community in the regenerative industry, which is difficult to comprehend by mortals, due to the complexity of the "scientific language" spoken in that field and the slow pace of change in the dominant food- and pharma industries. The results of the efforts you can read on this site.  



Thursday, 12 April 2012 14:05

Sharon Begley´s "Wired" Part I

On this spring afternoon, the 44-year-old CEO of San Diego- based biotech company Cytori Therapeutics pulls out his laptop, launches a PowerPoint presentation, and there they are: conical and cantaloupy. As through Ds, beige and pink and taupe and tan, more breasts than you might see in a women's locker room, never mind in the middle of a lunch table.

A passing waiter does a double take at this lively slide show, but Calhoun is oblivi­ous. He's talking excitedly about how these women's bodies led him and his team of sci­entists to a discovery in tissue engineer­ing, a process that could well be one of the most momentous medical advances of the 21st century: the use of stemcells..... specifically stem-cell enriched adipose (fat) tissue—to enhance, heal, and rebuild injured or damaged organs.

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