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business notesThis category will contain the articles and comments in Blog style- meaning in chronological sequence, which will be/have been written by the editor of and other users, concerning the "events" and "developments" in respect of Cytori. "Business Notes" so to speak, commenting the "state of the nation" of Cytori and its leaders "learning by doing" to make an impact on the stock market, whilst bringing medical solutions to patients suffering from disorders, which are presently referred to as "unmet needs". Of course, they deal primarily with the past, so the articles basically describe the growing pains of developing-, during the past 15 years, what is most likely a "disruptive technology" and the mistakes (and occasional blunders) made by Management and BOD in that process. In one thing the Management and BOD, however has been very consistent during all those years, that is, regardless of failure or success, they never forgot to reward themselves financially very generously with bonuses of all kinds.

Cytori Cell Therapy for the Millions?

Cytori Cell Therapy for the Millions?
Cytori Cell Therapy for the Millions?

Mystery Chinese Investor closes deal with Mystery Company Cytori


Cytori investors were pleasantly surprised shortly before the third quarter call with an announcement that Lorem Vascular- Headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Melbourne, according to the announcement- but according to the 8-K a Company organized under the laws of Australia closed a Common Stock Purchase Agreement, but what has more of my interest, both parties also.. 



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Cytori and Global Healthcare

Cytori and Global Healthcare
Cytori and Global Healthcare

On August 8 2013 Cytori reported its results on Q2 and held its usual Conference Call to discuss business developments. Some folks stamped it as being the worst call made since 7 years and the ensuing market reaction the next day more or less confirmed that view. I would not deny that or try to argue otherwise. It probably was the worst call for a very long time, but on the other hand it provided also a lot of clarity, which surely was a bit more difficult to discover for the common shareholder, for which reason I decided to write this article. Lets start with this- the most important statement:

"We're creating an autologous point-of-care system. We're not manipulating cells. The business model really works. It's affordable. These aren't therapies, which costs a hundred thousand Dollar per shot. No, they're a few thousand dollars to maybe $5,000 or $10,000 for vascular, very affordable" 

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