Cytori Cell Therapy for the Millions?
Cytori Cell Therapy for the Millions?

Cytori Cell Therapy for the Millions?

Written by Fas Kuiters

Mystery Chinese Investor closes deal with Mystery Company Cytori


Cytori investors were pleasantly surprised shortly before the third quarter call with an announcement that Lorem Vascular- Headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Melbourne, according to the announcement- but according to the 8-K a Company organized under the laws of Australia closed a Common Stock Purchase Agreement, but what has more of my interest, both parties also.. 




entered into a License and Supply Agreement whereby Cytori exclusively licensed Lorem all rights to market and sell the Company Products for all Markets within the countries of China, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, excluding only the Cosmetic Market and the rights for Alopecia (hair loss). The term of the agreement is thirty years. Lorem Vascular will pay us license fees on its gross revenues up to a maximum amount of $500 million dollars in license fees. The license fees are payable over time based upon Lorem Vascular's achievement of gross revenue milestones in the amount of $50 million. At each such milestone, Lorem shall pay us a license fee of $10 million until the maximum payable license fees are reached.
As a part of the License and Supply Agreement, we have also agreed to supply Lorem with all of their requirements for our products based on fixed product transfer pricing. Lorem has agreed to purchase eight (8) Celution Devices and four hundred (400) consumable sets promptly after execution of the License and Supply Agreement, and to purchase an additional twenty three (23) Celution Devices and one thousand one hundred (1,100) Consumable Sets promptly upon receipt of regulatory approval in China.
Lorem-vascularOf course many market participants were rather sceptical when they discovered that the provided link to the website of Lorem Vascular, was a ONE page affair which implied a focus on cardiac regeneration, see image, which is not surprising if one reads in the announcement: More than 230 million Chinese have a form of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) which is the country’s leading cause of death, accounting for more than 40% of all deaths, or three million people per year. This translates to one death every ten seconds from CVD in China. According to recent estimates, due to population growth and aging, the number of annual CVD events in China is projected to increase by more than 50% during the next decade and a half. 
{eblogads left} This kind of provides an indication of the main focus of the distribution deal, but logically can not be the initial one, since the markets that will be targeted at first are Australia, Singapore and IIS-08-2013Hong Kong. In all these three territories basically Cytori has received regulatory approvals for the use of Celution in soft tissue, but what is more important - also general surgery applications. At least the announcement of TGA approval in Australia does not include intravascular delivery applications.  Link- here
What is NOT there at present, in my view, is something that is most likely to change in the very near future. The announcement indicates: Lorem and Cytori have implemented a regulatory plan in China and anticipate approval in 2014. 
Of course this sounds very ambious- but just as Lorem Vascualr and Mr. K.T.Lim are a mystery, Cytori itself is a mystery Company as I have repeatedly stated and have always stressed the importance of the TRANSLATIONAL effort ongoing. This effort has always been "pushed" to the side and has not been taken notice of, but I believe this will change rather soon. Especially when studying the next image- the observer will note that 8 (eight) clinical studies in the cardiovascular area are in "A LATE STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT". And since Cytori alwways has chosen for subdued reporting relative to its peers in the industry, it can reasonably be assumed that the progress in the field has been substantial.
Question of course that should be raised- where have those studies taken place? Clearly the likelyhood that they have been conducted in places like China, India etc where clinicians do not require a m³ of docs to be able to conduct a study, is rather substantial. Comes in Mr. K.T.Lim.

mesa2Does the development and role-out of DISRUPTIVE POC technology require unorthodox methods and Mr. Lim´s?

It sure seems like it- doesnt it? Cytori investors have been waiting more than 6 years on the promised therapeutic application development deal that Cytori CEO Chris Calhoun started to promise in November 2006. 

It still is not there, since Cytori Cell Therapy is likely to wipe out substantial "pills revenue"i.e. is extremely disruptive by any strech of the imagination- but Mr. Lim, without pharmaceutical interests burdening him, is there and apparently loads of clinical data are coming our way from translational efforts, which the last image starts to imply also.

For US investors and ANALYSTS (Kolbert & Co) - why don´t you finally wake up and start asking some sensible questions and put some fire under the "behinds" of Cytori management and ask where those EIGHT cardiac clinics are conducted- patients treated etc and also which studies (three as per last slide) are conducted by private investigators in the US??????????????


The future will be fun for investors in autologous POC apps and great for patients I believe

This world needs affordable and effective regen therapies and I think the JAPANESE WILL SHOW US THE WAY IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

And Mr.Lim.


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