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Cytori´s Platform Applications


Cytori´s immensely large technology platform

The versatility of ADRC´s in general provides a gigantic opportunity for Cytori as a first mover in this space, to collect the low hanging fruit and establish themselves before others do so, whilst being protected by an impressive IP portfolio in the mean time.

As a general rule of thumb, what has crystalized out to a large degree by now is, that because of the abundance of EPCs, (endothelial progenitors) and smooth muscle progenitors,

everything that has to do with vascularization is likely to work, work very well even. Compared to BMC´s there aplatform3ppears to be a disadvantage in osteogenic differentiation capabilities (bone), where little helpers like, adeno virus BMP2 or a recombinant protein are required to reach the therapeutic goal. But on the other hand and that is also very very important, the autoimmune modulation cells (macrophages. tissue resident monocytes, which are members of leukocytes family of cells) are more abundant and potent in ADRC´s

How this platform looks at present and why it is like it is

At conferences Cytori comes up with a slide showing the diseases in clinical- and pre-clinical stages. This slide is absolutely unreadable for everybody (see below- even for a pixel expert like me) and its not being told what is Cytori "guided" and what is not. So its nice to summarize this again in a readable way and try to figure out whats going on and which therapies are most likely to emerge in the near future.

Recently Cytori has provided information of the potential markets of applications in the clinic, be it small feasibility pilots or larger scale pilots. The slide on the left shows this massive potential.


market-potIncredible numbers, which supports my thesis that it is virtually impossible to estimate the value of the company, since, lets say a 5% marketshare in 10 years discounted at 20-30% per year, will still give numbers which are a mile away from current valuations.

Anyway- from the illegable slide referred to above, one can take that there are many other applications in some pre-clinical phase, which I list below- an immense potential platform indeed.

Parkinson´s Disease, Stroke (together with the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany),Corneal Repair (Eye), Olfactory epithelium repair (Nose- smelling ability), Periodontal disease (there was a news from CYTX on this in October 2009),Vocal Fold/Cord repair, Pulmonary disease, Intervertebral disc repair, Spinal Cord injury (!!!-neural), Kidney (or renal) disease, Erectile dysfunction, Skeletal Muscle injury, Arthritis (! -autoimmune), Peripheral Vascular disease (PAD or Critical Limb Ischemia with diabetics =low hanging fruit) & Tendon injury.

A hell of a long list and therefore a lot to look forward to


Just a comment for readers- as of today- February 9 I will temporarily stop with developing this page and will turn to development, which will now be dealing with clinical applications- yes- just the theme that would be covered here. Reason is- Cytori due to limited funds at present cannot develop all they want- what would be nice to develop you can read "on the other page"



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