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Cytori´s Intellectual Property Position

Build-up of Cytori´s Intellectual Property rights

Especially with an emerging- and most likely disruptive technology, the protection of one´s IP is of prime importance.

Obviously there are several ways to protect the business- secrecy- and privacy- for instance are also part of that, which is one of the reasons why I am doing this Investor HP- there is more to it than the eye sees at Cytori, meaning disclosure of a public company like Cytori is a constant balancing act between shareholder´s interest and the development of the Company itself, in my opinion. Thats why I believe the position of internal legal council is also a very important one.

Cytori does actually that what is described above and also states so as can be read in this picture:ip4



An absolute mix of legal protection through patents etc, secrecy- know how- and economics, entry barrier high due to development cost to gain that know-how. You can download the "barriers to entry" pdfbarriers_to_entry.pdf784.83 KB02/02/2012, 16:20

In respect of the traditional IP rights i.e. Patents, lets have a look what the experts have to say about that theme:


What exactly are patents and patent rights registered with the USPTO and abroad?

The following slides are from an IP-primer that you can download pdfip-primer-holman.pdf318.51 KB02/02/2012, 19:41 if you like and gives an overview- from this primer two slides-


ip3 ip2

Claims can be from three major categories as stated above- composition of matter, method/process and machine/apparatus. Its important to realize that with the "raw materials" of cell tech- i.e. the cells themselves, ONLY THE USA allows composition of matter claims. All over the "rest" of the world this is NOT recognized. The recent EU decision on ESC´s kind of confirmed that although for different reasons. Than again -as example- treatment of cardiac disorders with ADRCs in France can be patented i.e. a process and also the machine to use in that process i.e. Celution.

This leads to the impressive IP portfolio that Cytori possesses at present and will be extended in due course when the patent applications are through the funnel- (a "cut" a Cytori slide in two parts to make it better legible)






In particular the patents in the EU on treating cardiovascular with ADRCs, is like the "Future" monopoly of the FED to PRINT money. People will realize this in due course. The US patent on soft tissue with ADRC manually or automated is rather "tasty too"
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I have owned CYTX for years and believe it will do incridibly well in the long term. They do so many things well.

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