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Cytori- The Company

This section -Cytori-The Company- describes many- and most likely- the most important aspects of the corporate entity Cytori Therapeutics. From its not so brilliant history and years as a listed Company (>16 years now as we speak- early 2016, thereof 5 listed in Germany and 11 on Nasdaq), to its management responsible for its development, its board which guided that management during those days and "represented shareholders", its mission and location and its partners- past, present and future and many other topics relevant to the Company, primarily its technology which separates it from Competition.  The development technology as well as all applications will be described on fat-cell.com, another web presence of yours truly.

Below you will find a small overview of all articles in this category and an introduction to its content.


Article in the category- Cytori-The Company

  • Introduction to Cytori-The Company
    Introduction to Cytori-The Company Cytori´s Company slogan is: "Restoring Lives" - thereto its logo displays the slogan, which has been a few years longer around: "Where infinite possibilities meet" Both logo and slogan are really to my liking and I feel will be proven to become reality someday on a large- i.e. global scale. In  this section of the CYTX-Investor.com page all aspects of Cytori as a Nasdaq listed outfit will be highlighted. We will be reviewing its history, which sofar hasnt been totally without some severe mistakes and dis-appointments , but the technology remains extremely promising and that is the key for this Company. If there is something missing, please let me know.
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  • Cytori- The Company- its Location
    Cytori- The Company- its Location To start the first round of articles on Cytori- The Company with, just an quick overview of the location from which the world of regenerative medicine will be conquered and what these folks who are employed by Cytori- about 120 in total as we speak- call their daily home away from home.  
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Articles in the category- Cytori-Its History, which history is not all that brilliant..

  • Cytori´s history- the years 2000-05
    Cytori´s history- the years 2000-05 Article- History untill 2005.   Cytori became Cytori on July 11 2005 when the name change from MacroPore Biosurgery became official. Before that date, MacroPore obviously had some history too. That history started in 1997 when the company was founded by Chris Calhoun, Stefan Lemperle and Ralph Holmes. Holmes was a surgeon who left relatively soon thereafter to become CEO of Leonardo MD, a private company developing medical practice software, which he co-founded together with Calhoun
    Written on Monday, 09 January 2012 16:03 in Cytori- Its History Be the first to comment! Read more...
  • Reflections on Cytori- the years 2006-11
    Reflections on Cytori- the years 2006-11 MacroPore was from an investors viewpoint- kind of "the dark side" of Cytori- not only because of the failed Medtronic partnership on bio-resorbable implants, but also because of excessive option-plans and failed guidances on revenues etc. The preceeding article "History" was a more objective article and facts driven- what follows is surely also "facts driven", but has definitely a more subjective colour, in view of unrealized potential of the technology that Cytori possesses ( Icall it the "regenerative goldmine"), which potential has not been monetized by the management by any reasonable measurement yardstick sofar- the least as per the present stock price at the end of 2011 of somewhere around 2$.
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Articles in the category- Cytori-Its People and Partners. As most of us know- there have been some changes over time- they will be documented here

  • Cytori-its Managers-past and present
    Cytori-its Managers-past and present   The management Team Of Cytori. The team is led by one of its Co-founders - Christopher J. Calhoun Chief Executive Officer   Christopher J. Calhoun is a co-founder of Cytori Therapeutics and has served as the Company's Chief Executive Officer, Vice-Chairman and Director of the Board since 1997. He previously served as President from 1996 through 1998. Mr. Calhoun is the co-inventor on multiple U.S.  and International patents for medical devices and implant instrumentation. Mr. Calhoun was also involved in research and management for the Plastic Surgery Bone Histology and Histometry Laboratory at the University of California, San Diego. Mr. Calhoun is a co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Leonardo MD, and has previously served on the Board of Directors of StemSource, Inc. Mr. Calhoun received a B.A. from the University of California, San Diego and an M.B.A. from the University of Phoenix.  
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  • Cytori- its Board Members-past and present
    Cytori- its Board Members-past and present First- some historical development- Untill 2007 Cytori´s Board of Directors was more of an "good ol boys" club, although by SEC rules considered " pre-dominantly independent". The father-in-law of CEO Calhoun and Chairman of the Board, Marshall Cox "retired" in that year, meaning that the stock awards for BOD members could finally also be reduced to a "normal" level as happened with Management a few years earlier. In 2007 Ron Henriksen took over as Chairman, who is also founder, chairman and president of EndGenitor- a stem cell outfit.
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  • Cytori- its Partners-past and present-Olympus
    Cytori- its Partners-past and present-Olympus Partner Olympus, as a Company, has major issues to resolve after the accounting cover-up scandal emerged. Dont want to comment that here, but you can read all about Woodford, Kikukawa and tobashi in the Wikipedia article- Link here According to Cytori management this scandal doesnt affect the relationship between Cytori and Olympus at all, which could be partially true, but new strategic developments will hardly be possible, since Olympus probably is like a ship after a fire in the machineroom, after which navigation, power supply etc etc is all non functioning. As we speak- late 2012- CEO Sasa has taken over and the BOD is newly installed. In some aspects the Olympus-Cytori relationship seems to be drawing to an end, but certainly not all. Time will tell. 
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  • Cytori- its Partners-past and present-Roche
    Cytori- its Partners-past and present-Roche Second partner I would like to present here is Hoffmann La Roche- short -Roche. In the same conference call early 2009 when Calhoun talked about his partners, he described the proprietary enzyme supplier as a "unnamed major US pharma partner, which we dont want to disclose for competitive reasons"- just to make things easy.(LOL) Roche is a top notch biotech, which is illustrated by their bid for Illumina (on top of owning antibody giant Genentech)- that bid is all about personalized targeted gene therapy for oncology patients- exactly what Burzynski -link here is doing right now and to me the absolute FUTURE for cancer treatment. But which the FDA apparently doesnt like. (Deal didnt get established, but proves nonetheless the quality of the organisation) A perfect partner for Cytori therefore- visionaries and capable in handling other things than an "off-the-shelf" product.
    Written on Friday, 02 March 2012 19:13 in Cytori- Its people and partners Be the first to comment! Read more...
  • Cytori- its Partners-past and present-Astellas
    Cytori- its Partners-past and present-Astellas Actually Astellas is of course a little more than just a candidate, since on December 7, 2010 they took an equity participation in Cytori, with the first right to negotiate a deal on liver regeneration. Cytori explained this in a note as follows: Such a partnership would likely revolve around what we refer to as our Version 2.0 Celution® and cell therapy technology (and what Astellas calls ‘regenerative drug technology’), which is the combination of cells with pharmaceutical agents to enhance certain properties or mechanisms of the cells. This could be accomplished by incubating the cells and pharma agent outside the body or injecting the cells in combination with a systemic delivery of the drug. In addition to their negotiating right, Astellas received the right to a non-voting seat on Cytori’s board of directors and a position on our scientific advisory board. Some people close to the matter could report that this "regenerative DRUG technology" would be related to of course ADRCs AND the drug "PROGRAF". It is well-known that Prograf looses certain patent protection in the US in 2011, but its worth having a look on what it does.
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Articles in the category- Cytori-Its Technology. The technology is the reason most of us are invested in Cytori. ADRCs are magic AND WORK!!!!

  • Cytori- The Basic science of ADRCs
    Cytori- The Basic science of ADRCs The basic science of Cytori- Properties of ADRC´s versus other cell sources This comes straight from the Cytori homepage: Science & Technology Cytori Therapeutics’ goal is to provide access to clinical grade Adipose-Derived Stem and Regenerative Cells (ADRCs). ADRCs, sometimes referred to as stromal vascular fraction cells, are a heterogeneous or mixed population of cells found in adipose tissue. This population includes adult stem cells, endothelial progenitor cells, leukocytes, endothelial cells, and vascular smooth muscle cells. Autologous adult stem and regenerative cells are thought to promote healing of scarred or injured tissue. While we are learning more about the exact mechanisms every day, it is believed that this heterogeneous population of cells influences the local environment via cell-to-cell signaling, immune modulation, and differentiation into other cell types.
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  • Mechanisms of Therapeutic Action of ADRCs
    Mechanisms of Therapeutic Action of ADRCs In the Wall Street press one always reads, when the theme "stem cells" comes up, what the difference in adult- and embryonic cell differentiation potential is and what these magic things all can do, or what they cant do. Words like pluripotency, multipotency and sometimes even the word progenitor cell come up and are the buzz words, in providing an explanation of whats good or bad- which stock you should buy or which one should not touch. This is very misleading and a lot of rubbish,...
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  • The versatility of the Celution Extraction Device
    The versatility of the Celution Extraction Device There seem to be several misconceptions or maybe just different opinions about the ability for Cytori to protect the IP, which went into the designing- and engineering of the Celution range of products. Thereto different opinions about the technical superiority of the same system. I do not think the following write-up will eliminate differences of opinion, but provides sufficient additional information to provide a clearer picture. Presently we have the Celution 700 system designed specially for the US- this in respect of the clarity to convey the individual "approved" predicate devices- is awaiting FDA approval still. The FDA 510K application was filed several times- the approval denied as many times, but those decisions were appealed and are going in front of a court in April 2012, which is NOT FDA prejudiced.
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  • Half a Can of Coke
    Half a Can of Coke Half a can of coke of fat tissue extracted from the subcuteneous part of the belly, is the standard introduction by all presenters of Cytori managers at Investor conferences over the past eight years, when they start describing what amount of fat is needed from a patient before that fat is processed by Celution to extract a therapeutic dose of regenerative cells for a medical application. I still do not know what size can of coke is actually referred to, but it has been stated at various occasions, that even with skinny persons it is no problem at all to harvest 250 to 300 cc of fat from the subcutaneous part of the belly. More is generally assumed to be no issue at all too.   In light of the recent decision by Cytori to have ATHENA II following the completion of the cardiac ischemia clinic ATHENA with a higher dose of ADRCs (most likely influenced by outside sources either FDA or potential partner) , it is certainly interesting to have a closer look at the issues surrounding the extraction of ADRCs with Celution and determine what is possible and what might provide issues. Clear is that Cytori in the…
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  • Cytori´s Intellectual Property Position
    Cytori´s Intellectual Property Position Build-up of Cytori´s Intellectual Property rights Especially with an emerging- and most likely disruptive technology, the protection of one´s IP is of prime importance. Obviously there are several ways to protect the business- secrecy- and privacy- for instance are also part of that, which is one of the reasons why I am doing this Investor HP- there is more to it than the eye sees at Cytori, meaning disclosure of a public company like Cytori is a constant balancing act between shareholder´s interest and the development of the Company itself, in my opinion. Thats why I believe the position of internal legal council is also a very important one.
    Written on Thursday, 02 February 2012 11:50 in Cytori- Its Technology 1 comment Read more...
  • Cytori´s Platform Applications
    Cytori´s Platform Applications   Cytori´s immensely large technology platform The versatility of ADRC´s in general provides a gigantic opportunity for Cytori as a first mover in this space, to collect the low hanging fruit and establish themselves before others do so, whilst being protected by an impressive IP portfolio in the mean time. As a general rule of thumb, what has crystalized out to a large degree by now is, that because of the abundance of EPCs, (endothelial progenitors) and smooth muscle progenitors,
    Written on Wednesday, 08 February 2012 18:00 in Cytori- Its Technology Be the first to comment! Read more...
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