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helpIn my view this board is rather sophisticated, but in itself very simple to use.


Main thing to know is- writing is prohibited for non-Raccoons- those folks may only read. Raccoons may write and to become a Raccoon-brother or sister you need to be registered as such. You can do so at any page of this site by clicking the link: Register and Login. Presently I have closed registration though, in view of spammers and the fact that there is little interest in Cytori and my sites anyway. Saves me a lot of maintenance, but will be reversed when things "change". LOL raccoon

So once you have been registered- you need to come back and login and there you go.

There are 6-7 main categories in the Raccoon Lodge of which you have to pick one to start posting. Once you entered one of those main categories, Just click the button- "New topic" and start writing.

Let me know if there are issues -if so I will use this space to res


olve them. 

Woo-woo- The Raccoon Lodge Housekeeper 

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