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Off Topic on Adult (=regenerative) cell technology, but very much related i.e. pills and drugs of which we do not know if they work
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TOPIC: The Future of Medicine: cells & natural health.

The Future of Medicine: cells & natural health. 04 Aug 2015 08:27 #4924

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One of my "heroes" in the stem cell business, Neil Riordan, who is the scientist and doctor preaching that cell therapy should be part of the practice of medicine and NOT controlled by the FDA, ha a blog too and a tweet just appeared on this site with his latest blog article...

High dose B vitamin, Biotin shows promise in Multiple Sclerosis

he basically only published the abstract of a study in his blog which was recently published...

No drug has been found to have any impact on progressive multiple sclerosis (MS). Biotin is a vitamin acting as a coenzyme for carboxylases involved in key steps of energy metabolism and fatty acids synthesis. Among others, biotin activates acetylCoA carboxylase, a potentially rate-limiting enzyme in myelin synthesis.

The aim of this pilot study is to assess the clinical efficacy and safety of high doses of biotin in patients suffering from progressive MS.

Uncontrolled, non-blinded proof of concept study

23 consecutive patients with primary and secondary progressive MS originated from three different French MS reference centers were treated with high doses of biotin (100-300mg/day) from 2 to 36 months (mean=9.2 months). Judgement criteria varied according to clinical presentations and included quantitative and qualitative measures.

In four patients with prominent visual impairment related to optic nerve injury, visual acuity improved significantly. Visual evoked potentials in two patients exhibited progressive reappearance of P100 waves, with normalization of latencies in one case. Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (H-MRS) in one case showed a progressive normalization of the Choline/Creatine ratio. One patient with left homonymous hemianopia kept on improving from 2 to 16 months following treatment׳s onset. Sixteen patients out of 18 (89%) with prominent spinal cord involvement were considered as improved as confirmed by blinded review of videotaped clinical examination in 9 cases. In all cases improvement was delayed from 2 to 8 months following treatment׳s onset.

These preliminary data suggest that high doses of biotin might have an impact on disability and progression in progressive MS. Two double-blind placebo-controlled trials are on going.

Meaning that a scientist who is prominent in stem cell technology and leads the Regenerative Medicine Clinic in Panama City as one of his efforts, also looks at what Natural Medicine has to offer. Which is a lot... probably a lot more than all BIG PHARMA on the globe will EVER be able to offer mankind.

Problem for them of course is- you can not patent natural vitamins and amino acids, hormones, enzymes and whatever is there.

Still research is done by Universities and government institutions of course- which explains also the fact that Cytori only works with these guys- when the endocrine system of humans fail or get "old" and all these glands of our body have diminished function, the autocrine impact of natural health and paracrine impact of cells should help us survive.

Thats where our "health" future lies- the big question still is- how to monetize the science. For us- CC made a mess- but I am still optimistic that it will work.

Anyway- for the non-natural health folks- Biotin is a vitamin of the B class- the energy vitamins, often dealing with mitochondria or the powerhouse cells of our body. Its also referred to as Vitamin H or Vitamin B7

Link to Neils Blog: Riordan Blog

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Board moderator and Site-owner. I still regret the day I started analysing the prospects of MacroPore (now Cytori) back in 2004- a left-over from the tech-bubble at that time from the century change in my portfolio- and became addicted to Cytori´s fat cell technology. :cry:

The Future of Medicine: cells & natural health. 04 Aug 2015 10:47 #4926

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*** but I am still optimistic that it will work.***

Sure, but will it be in a timeframe at that either Cytori or its patents matter ?

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