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Adult Stem Cell News and Developments other than Cytori
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TOPIC: AVITA & BARDA : We are not alone

AVITA & BARDA : We are not alone 03 Jun 2017 04:13 #9416

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Interesting small Australian company that has a technology that makes it a potential competitor of CYTX in the
wound healing space. BARDA is funding them also, to provide a response in case of a mass burn event (not necessarily radiation induced). This is a proven technology...... see the video. Provides positive confirmation of efficacy of regenerative medicine approach.



Cost per disposable device treament of $1500 is very cheap/competitive. Although CYTX has a wider scope for treating a variety of conditions, in wound care this may be a competitor.

ADRC work systemically via intravenous injection, so Celution could be complimentary to the AVITA treatment.

Any comments ?

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AVITA & BARDA : We are not alone 03 Jun 2017 08:55 #9417

  • DOV
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It appears the mechanism of action is the same as Cytori Cell Therapy. The Celution system isolates the cells which can be sprayed on, injected into the burn site, or injected into the venous system with similar results. I cannot not answer the question about the quality of these skin derived cells versus the quality of the fat derived cells. Perhaps they are the same.

BARDA changed the scope of the Cytori contract requesting IV be used rather than spray-on perhaps because of this Avita Medical contract. The reason was the need for a sterile environment using spray-on.

In my opinion, the greatest value of Cytori's FDA approved RELIEF trial is the soon to be tested safety of IV injection. The EU approved this over five years ago and Okyanos has been treating patients using IV injection of the cells for about two years. Establishing the safety of IV injection at the FDA opens the door to treating many auto-immune diseases such as Scleroderma of the lungs and elsewhere, MS, RA, etc. etc.

At $1,500 per consumable, the revenue potential for burn applications would have a gross margin of perhaps 30%. If these procedures become standard of care and must be used on every burn patient, then it adds up to a decent business. BTW, I understand Kerastem is treating alopecia at similar pricing.

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AVITA & BARDA : We are not alone 05 Jun 2017 06:27 #9423

  • fas
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Thanks for the info John. Interesting small Company which has been around for ages and never managed to find a partner besides BARDA. Sounds familiar?
Anyway- as a device Company they seem to have device approvals in many parts of the world, but after disposal of their respiratory business, only have 1 Mio revenue left in 2016. Not much with the salary of Kelliher , who sounded like an Aussie-Calhoun to me.

The announcement of meeting the 30+ patient primary endpoints on May 17 2017, hardly did anything to the PPS and reading that announcement, it seems the use of the spray is really to reduce the amount of own or donor skin transplant, which it did by 30%. So more complimentary to standard of care, if you ask me.

The cell mix can only be of dermatological nature in view of the source- keratinocytes and fibroblasts etc, which surely will help in the healing process, but in view of the limited diversification and number, not all that fantastic to write home about.

I see them as complimentary and hardly as competitors for the heavy cases.

To stay with the topic- Canadian Replicel , who I know better since it now has Lee Buckler as CEO, is basically in the same type of technology, but went first the drug path and now wants to switch back to the device path (and is designing a similar type spray device)- the reverse development Cytori is moving into.

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Board moderator and Site-owner. I still regret the day I started analysing the prospects of MacroPore (now Cytori) back in 2004- a left-over from the tech-bubble at that time from the century change in my portfolio- and became addicted to Cytori´s fat cell technology. :cry:

AVITA & BARDA : We are not alone 05 Jun 2017 08:27 #9424

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Fas, you sound like you came down along the same lines as I did. Interesting, but I wasn't overly impressed.

I would like to add though that a reduction in the need of donor skin was nice as these sites can be more painful for the patient than the actual burned area.

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