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Adult Stem Cell News and Developments other than Cytori
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TOPIC: Diabetes

Diabetes 22 Jan 2015 16:23 #3243

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source of article - Diabetes Forecast - January 2015

"In research studies, scientists have found a way to turn human stem cells into insulin-producing cells in virtually unlimited quantities. Previously, only small
amounts of these cells could be taken from the pancreases of deceased
individuals. The newly reengineered cells lowered blood glucose levels when
transplanted into diabetic mice. The ultimate goal: to find a way to transplant
the cells into humans and protect them from being attacked by the body’s
immune system, the process that causes type 1 diabetes in the first place.
Researchers are working on special casings for the new beta cells that would
keep the body from rejecting them yet allow the insulin to enter the
Source: Cell, published online Oct. 9, 2014"

I will forward a copy of this to IR CYTX.

Maybe they can point out that a persons own cells do not have that rejection factor.

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Diabetes 24 Jan 2015 05:45 #3251

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Type 1 or also called juvenile diabetes is a typical disorder, which would be a candidate for ADRCs treatment, just like rheumatoid arthritis, but has to wait until the "breakthrough" of Cytori Cell Therapy, if ever such occurs. If not- we still have the opportunity to file with the international court of crime against humanity in The Hague, Netherlands and make sure Calhoun, Rickey, Dean and Hedricks get their few years to think about their greed and sins. :grin:

Michael Buratow- who I follow closely, wrote an article about it , a few days ago-

Type I diabetes is a life-long disease that results from insufficient production of the vital anabolic hormone insulin. In most cases of Type I diabetes mellitus, the body’s immune system destroys insulin-producing beta cells, and this insulin deficiency causes high blood sugar levels, also known as hyperglycemia. Treatments for the disease require daily injections of insulin.

Dr. Thomas Burris, chair of the university’s pharmacological and physiological science department, and his colleagues, have published their results in the journal Endocrinology. IN this paper, they report a procedure that could potentially prevent the onset of the disease rather than just treating the symptoms

“None of the animals on the treatment developed diabetes even when we started treatment after significant beta cell damage had already occurred,” Burris explained in a prepared statement. “We believe this type of treatment would slow the progression of type I diabetes in people or potentially even eliminate the need for insulin therapy.”

A group of immune cells known as lymphocytes come in two main forms: B lymphocytes, which secrete the antibodies that bind to foreign cells and neutralize them, and T cells, which recognize foreign substances and regulate the immune response. There are several different types of T lymphocytes, but for the purposes of this discussion, two specific subtypes of T lymphocytes seem to be responsible for the onset of Type I diabetes. T “helper cells” that have the CD4 protein on their surfaces, and T “cytotoxic “ cells have the CD8 protein on their cell surfaces seem to play a role in the onset of Type I diabetes, but a third subtype of T lymphocyte has remained a bit of an enigma for some time. This subtype of T lymphocytes is a subcategory of CD4 T cells and secretes a protein called “interleukin 17,” and is, therefore, known as TH17

You can read the full article on his wordpress site:

Preventing the onset of type 1 diabetes

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Board moderator and Site-owner. I still regret the day I started analysing the prospects of MacroPore (now Cytori) back in 2004- a left-over from the tech-bubble at that time from the century change in my portfolio- and became addicted to Cytori´s fat cell technology. :cry:
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