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raccoon artThe rules amongst Raccoon Lodge brothers and sisters are extremely simple.

We have respect for each other and behave accordingly. That is- criticism is allowed amongst brothers and sisters, but do not exceed boundaries of civilized behaviour. Topics of discussion, which can cause emotional stress, should be carefully avoided- these primarily can be summarized under the heading- Politics and Religion. I do realize Cytori and ADRC´s have some aspects in common with these topics, but will ignore that fact at this stage. Raccoons, trespassing those boundaries can of course be reprimanded by some sarcasm accompanied by intelligent verbiage, which could please and entertain the brothers and sisters.

JoeyThe ultimate referee in case of differences of opinion whether rules have been broken lies with your moderator, who is a-political and a liberal Dutchman.

One rule stands out- NO SPAM.

Spam -by my definition- are messages, which promote an commercial article or page with no association to the topic of Cytori or adult stem cell technology in general, normally accompanied by a link to somewhere on the WWW. Posters of such SPAM will immediately lose their privilege of being a member of the Raccoon Lodge and will be deleted as member.

That´s all- have fun in our lodge 

Signed - The Housekeeper of the Raccoon Lodge


PS - on the right you will see an image of the Mastermind of the Raccoon Lodge concept- Joey Bassin from Queens New York a dear friend of mine

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