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In 2015 or there abouts when I started my personal health program, I also created a website "young-foxes.com" where I documented the progression of my learnings and experiences with my personal health program. That content will be transferred to the Lodge too, but first I would like to transfer the blog type articles, which I wrote in those days commenting on good articles and events which I encountered over time in respect of the main topic- health. To me - and that will become evident from what you read here- the largest impact on one´s health, is determined by your nourishment i.e. what you eat and therefore an important motto is simply "let food be thy medicine". But there is a lot more, which will be touched upon. Anyways- you will get the drift by reading the stuff that is following. The content is presented in summary form (most recent first)- teaser, so to speak. When you click "read more", you will get the whole article.

Sunday, 18 February 2018 11:37

President of AHA (52) suffers heart attack

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On Monday November 13 2017, news hit the wires, which caused quite some commotion: The president of the Dallas-based American Heart Association (AHA) is recovering after suffering a minor heart attack Monday morning at the organization's scientific conference in California, which was held from November 11 through 15 and where he delivered his opening presidendial address.John Warner, 52,  a cardiologist, vice president and CEO of UT Southwestern University Hospitals, was in stable condition with his family by his side at a California hospital. Doctors inserted a stent to open an artery, the association said in a prepared statement. Link : Here Now- isnt that something, a guy of 52, thereto cardiologist and surely living by all the recommendations in respect of prophylactic medications and lifestyles, to prevent an occurrence like that, that his organization has to offer to its members and the population in general at risk for cardiac disorders. Maybe those recommendations are not so solid and preventive of major adverse events? Most likely in my view. Anyway- there was a time where I followed the recommendations of the AHA almost blindly. I even joined the AHA in 2005, since that was the time, that I also had my minor heart attack and out of this personal interest was invested in CVTX - CV Therapeutics- the developer of an anti-anginal medication with the trade name Ranexa, which was introduced at the AHA with big fanfare in the years following.  
Wednesday, 14 February 2018 23:34

Are you a carboholic?

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I read Gary Taubes (Personal Homepage) article in the New York Times a few months ago, titled " Are You a Carboholic? Why Cutting Carbs Is So Tough", which article was not only extremely impressive, but also ignited a wave of responses and comments from readers, who wanted to have their say on its content. Over 1.400 responses is quite heavy and the subject seemed to trigger quite some emotions, pro and cons.  One of those responses summed up the "conclusion (?)" quite nicely, I believe:  From: Irene Secord Toronto, Ontario July 25, 2017 - I can relate totally to what he is saying about carbs being a trigger to eat more carbs. I am obviously one of the ones (the few?) who has this syndrome. I have been directed by nutritionists to eat more health fats (avocados, coconut and olive oil etc.) and it helps me to stay on a healthy dietary regime where I am not pigging out on carbs. Avoiding sugar prevents you from craving sugar. I read some of the comments below and realize we are all different and some people do not relate to this at all. Oh, to be able to occasionally eat a slice of bread or a sugary dessert without wanting to eat the whole loaf or whole box of cookies! I envy you and your experience with carbs. I guess we are all metabolically different and some can live with sugar/carbs in moderation very well until a high age. Others can not and become obese with all consequences for about 80% of them. My wife of 33 years, was a professional cook in the days before our marriage and in her training, she also was tought about nutrition- classic style of course- and specialized in fancy restaurants on desserts and pastries. 
Thursday, 09 March 2017 19:26

Introducing: Zoe Harcombe PhD

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In the past few years I have read a lot- and listened many hours (Youtube) to folks, who had a message, which appeared to make sense and were congruent to the experiences I noted, whilst going through change processes myself and at the same time were debunking "myths" from the "science based medical industry" i.e. the Ancel Keys myth of substituting saturated fats, like butter and lard, with omega 6 polyunsaturated linoleic products, like margerine and sunflower seed oil. And whats even more important, the assumption that a high diet in saturated fats implies a higher risk for major cardiac adverse events compared to substituting those to linoleic oils, which proved exactly to be the other way round and caused major health damage to global humanity, due to the defunct cholesterol hypothesis. Those "debunkers" which have been important to me, include Joseph Mercola on a general level (although ALL of his articles are referenced to scientific publications!) and Robert Lustig (Sugar:The bitter truth) on a scientific basis, but also Zoe Harcombe was really good to listen to. Today- I passed her website on my web journey of the day- and impulsively decided to subcribe to her newsletter so I contribute a bit to her research and independency ( still do several years later). You probably will hear more from her through my own writings as what usually happens with "disciples" LOL.   She lives in Newport, in beautiful South-Wales, where I had the pleasure to also spend quite a few months of my life.
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