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Introduction to Cytori-The Company

Cytori´s Company slogan is: "Restoring Lives" - thereto its logo displays the slogan, which has been a few years longer around: "Where infinite possibilities meet"

Both logo and slogan are really to my liking and I feel will be proven to become reality someday on a large- i.e. global scale. In  this section of the page all aspects of Cytori as a Nasdaq listed outfit will be highlighted. We will be reviewing its history, which sofar hasnt been totally without some severe mistakes and dis-appointments , but the technology remains extremely promising and that is the key for this Company. If there is something missing, please let me know.


What better way for the boss (CEO) and co-founder and former CEO Chris Calhoun and the former President, now CEO- Marc Hedrick to introduce their (and our) company and its business. Saves me a lot of work. This video (below at the bottom of the page- is very short but directly to the point and made in connection to the "Good  Company" project of IBM.

The key statements that you can pick up from this video are- fundamentally this technology can lower the cost of health care significantly- and the FDA doesnt really know how to handle a biologics Company like we are, but the practioners require cells to treat their patients, unfortunately, at present they dont have access to them.

 In my ten years as an investor in MacroPore/Cytori I listened to a lot of investor presentations. When you know the Company well, it starts getting pretty boring, trying to pick up that one-line in a 10 minutes conversation, that provides some new stuff, that you dont know. Actually watching the speaker and have him (or his helper) forward the slides is much more entertaining- this following video, which is not too old (from November 2010- since than not much changed as of to date) featuring David Oxley- VP Sales-Emerging Nations is pretty good and recommended if you dont know the Company very well.

January is for the biotech industry in general, an important month, since in San Francisco all the important big guys present at the JP Morgan conference and all kind of side-conferences for the medium to micro-cap Companies are organized, while everybody involved simply will be in town. Cytori will be presenting there too of course, which presentation you will find here in due course. Below the presentations from prior years from that event.


slideshare logo


The conference in 2012 had no video recording of the presentation, neither was an interview made with CEO Calhoun as was the case in the past two years - but at least the slides of the presentation were posted on "", which I embedded here-


CYTX Cardiac Cell Therapy Panel Presentation at Biotech Showcase

View more presentations from Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.


For many years January is partially reserved for BioTech companies to meet their anylysts and investors. Management travels late January to San Francisco to the JP Morgan organized conference- that is for the big boys only, of course. But there are plenty of side-conferences for all the micro-, small to mid cap Companies though of which Cytori is one.

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