10x Your Wildest Dreams
10x Your Wildest Dreams

10x Your Wildest Dreams

Written by Fas Kuiters

Was an assessment delivered by Lloyd Dean, Chairman of the Cytori Board of Directors concerning the future stockprice of Cytori, during the annual meeting of shareholders in August 2011. Made at a time that most shareholders were moaning about the lack of execution of Cytori management and exactly this guy- certainly not the least influencial- and one of the most  respected CEO´s  in the healthcare space in the US (Catholic Healthcare West- in charge of 12 Billion of Assets and said to have personal "access" to President Obama)- wanted us to believe that Cytori had an excellent management team, for which as of to date- early March 2012 -due to lacking indications (that is relevant news) in respect of accomplishments, no substance to that statement has been provided or can be shown.

What Dean (picture) surely has been confronted during his tenure with Cytori, which has covered a time span of roughly 20 months now, is the incredible potential of ADRCs in general, which becomes clear and evident when one studies the available scientific literature and evidence.

Nonetheless the inability of Cytori management to convince BIG PHARMA partner candidates sofar in jointly developing this incredible potential is very disheartening, but as always the belief is still there that one fine day the blind squirrel finally finds his nut and Dean´s assessment of the quality of Cytori management is provided with some "colour" and factual support.


dean qa 027 lh250x227Untill that time however- in view of the scarce (financial) resources for a Company that employs >120 highly paid staff, primarily consisting of  directors and vice-presidents, obviously the focus can only lie on issues that are to some extent controllable- i.e. continue to develop what has matured to the largest degree, which happens to be the soft tissue, cardiac and wound healing applications.

wheel of_applications

That there ARE opportunities BEYOND those primarily ischemic (blood flow improvement) apps is clear- I even found a picture of a few years back on my hard disk that proves that at one point in time the folks at Cytori were thinking exactly what I have conveyed in the two former editions of CYTX-investor.com-

the real potential of ADRC technology so to speak or the:


"Wheel of Applications"

If you go round "the wheel" (dont twist your neck in doing so) you will find basically all major "tormenters of mankind" in respect of intractable disorders, except cancer treatments (beyond blood cancers). This is not the place and the time to refer to the evidence existing, which provides credence to the disorders referred to on the wheel. I just want to show it here to provide a "link-in" to the title of this small article- which is- Ten public-adrcstimes your wildest dreams".

Dreams can come true with the proper execution and development of a technology, which is "in control and capable" to deliver those dreams. Personally I am convinced that the technology is (although I believe some of these disorders will need to be tackled with non-Celution, but cultured allogeneic adrcs)- the rest remains to be seen.

That other folks and small companies are not burdened by IP issues  and the fact that companies like Cytori are holding this IP and are trying their luck for fortune in this field is simply unavoidable and absolutely normal.

At a 2012 conference Cytori showed this highly interesting slide in respect of the "publication heat" surrounding fresh and cultured ADRCs- amazing compared to what I remember five years ago- at that time there was hardly anything there.

Time to harvest on the IP headway- and get to work on developing all that stuff - and that means partnering-partnering and partnering!!!!

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