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Cytori´s history- the years 2000-05

Article- History untill 2005.


Cytori became Cytori on July 11 2005 when the name change from MacroPore Biosurgery became official. Before that date, MacroPore obviously had some history too. That history started in 1997 when the company was founded by Chris Calhoun, Stefan Lemperle and Ralph Holmes. Holmes was a surgeon who left relatively soon thereafter to become CEO of Leonardo MD, a private company developing medical practice software, which he co-founded together with Calhoun

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A Conversation with Chris Calhoun

Written by Daniel Fromson

Cytori Therapeutics probably ranks somewhere near the top of any list of the world's most innovative medical technology companies--or at least a list of its boldest. As CEO Christopher J. Calhoun explains, the company aims to do nothing less than revolutionize health care by leading the way into an era of regenerative medicine, in which damage from cancer, heart disease, and a host of other ailments can be healed with the body's own cells.

The process relies on naturally occurring regenerative cells. "What we have done," Calhoun says, "is developed products that allow a doctor to take a small amount of fat, the same volume as about half a can of Coke

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Cytori- The Basic science of ADRCs

The basic science of Cytori- Properties of ADRC´s versus other cell sources

This comes straight from the Cytori homepage:

Science & Technology

Cytori Therapeutics’ goal is to provide access to clinical grade Adipose-Derived Stem and Regenerative Cells (ADRCs). ADRCs, sometimes referred to as stromal vascular fraction cells, are a heterogeneous or mixed population of cells found in adipose tissue. This population includes adult stem cells, endothelial progenitor cells, leukocytes, endothelial cells, and vascular smooth muscle cells. Autologous adult stem and regenerative cells are thought to promote healing of scarred or injured tissue.

While we are learning more about the exact mechanisms every day, it is believed that this heterogeneous population of cells influences the local environment via cell-to-cell signaling, immune modulation, and differentiation into other cell types.

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Mechanisms of Therapeutic Action of ADRCs

In the Wall Street press one always reads, when the theme "stem cells" comes up, what the difference in adult- and embryonic cell differentiation potential is and what these magic things all can do, or what they cant do. Words like pluripotency, multipotency and sometimes even the word progenitor cell come up and are the buzz words, in providing an explanation of whats good or bad- which stock you should buy or which one should not touch.

This is very misleading and a lot of rubbish,...

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There seem to be several misconceptions or maybe just different opinions about the ability for Cytori to protect the IP, which went into the designing- and engineering of the Celution range of products. Thereto different opinions about the technical superiority of the same system. I do not think the following write-up will eliminate differences of opinion, but provides sufficient additional information to provide a clearer picture.

Presently we have the Celution 700 system designed specially for the US- this in respect of the clarity to convey the individual "approved" predicate devices- is awaiting FDA approval still.

The FDA 510K application was filed several times- the approval denied as many times, but those decisions were appealed and are going in front of a court in April 2012, which is NOT FDA prejudiced.

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