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Are you a carboholic?

I read Gary Taubes (Personal Homepage) article in the New York Times a few months ago, titled " Are You a Carboholic? Why Cutting Carbs Is So Tough", which article was not only extremely impressive, but also ignited a wave of responses and comments from readers, who wanted to have their say on its content. Over 1.400 responses is quite heavy and the subject seemed to trigger quite some emotions, pro and cons.  One of those responses summed up the "conclusion (?)" quite nicely, I believe: 
From: Irene Secord Toronto, Ontario July 25, 2017 - I can relate totally to what he is saying about carbs being a trigger to eat more carbs. I am obviously one of the ones (the few?) who has this syndrome. I have been directed by nutritionists to eat more health fats (avocados, coconut and olive oil etc.) and it helps me to stay on a healthy dietary regime where I am not pigging out on carbs. Avoiding sugar prevents you from craving sugar. I read some of the comments below and realize we are all different and some people do not relate to this at all. Oh, to be able to occasionally eat a slice of bread or a sugary dessert without wanting to eat the whole loaf or whole box of cookies! I envy you and your experience with carbs.
I guess we are all metabolically different and some can live with sugar/carbs in moderation very well until a high age. Others can not and become obese with all consequences for about 80% of them. My wife of 33 years, was a professional cook in the days before our marriage and in her training, she also was tought about nutrition- classic style of course- and specialized in fancy restaurants on desserts and pastries. 
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