Tuesday, 01 May 2012 02:52

100% Hardcore-the power of the gemisch

This article is 100% hardcore- rather technical, so really for the happy few with ambitions to understand all that jazz. On the other hand, the introduction and its message is provided in the first half, which is really very simple- i.e. fact is, that Cytori management has regarded its shareholders as "dumbo´s" for many years. Has deceived them with "simplicity", keyword- "ischemia or bloodflow", which in itself is totally off-base in respect of the potency of the cell-mix. In the mean time having private investigators unfold and PROVE the gigantic potential of the gimish, which gimish can do so much more and which results they are surely selling now to interested parties for big bucks. This strategy brought the Company on the edge of financial collaps at several occasions in the past, resulting in heavy dilution, since they were "smelling the inflection point", instead of singing the gospel of the platform technology. And I guess everybody understands that.

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