On July 27 2010, Cytori surprised its investors by announcing that approval was received (together with breast augmentation and re-construction) for: The delivery of the Celution(R) System cellular output to facilitate healing of rectal and vaginal fistulas (wounds) resulting from Crohn's disease, the first stem cell-based approval in Europe for this condition.
Up to that day, a coincidental statement by Chris Calhoun, CEO on the treatment of some patients with this disorder, was subsequently corrected by the legal department "as a slip of the tongue". This article will try to shed some light on this "mystery" approval and will explain the aspects of the condition.

Wound healing is a complex- and dynamic process of restoring cellular structures and tissue layers. The human adult wound healing process can be divided into 3 distinct phases: the inflammatory phase, the proliferative phase, and the remodeling phase.

Wouldnt it therefore be nice if we could replace this highly complex biological process, that can take months to complete for large complex wounds, by having patients using the "Holy Grail" to drink magic water taken from the "fountain of eternal youth", as Indiana Jones showed us in the movie "The last Crusade"? Yes- that would be wonderful- unfortunately realization of this fiction is far away, but ADRCs could become the "holy grail" of wound healing some day, which certainly aint fiction if you read the following

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