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Cytori- its Partners-past and present-Olympus

Partner Olympus, as a Company, has major issues to resolve after the accounting cover-up scandal emerged. Dont want to comment that here, but you can read all about Woodford, Kikukawa and tobashi in the Wikipedia article- Link here

According to Cytori management this scandal doesnt affect the relationship between Cytori and Olympus at all, which could be partially true, but new strategic developments will hardly be possible, since Olympus probably is like a ship after a fire in the machineroom, after which navigation, power supply etc etc is all non functioning. As we speak- late 2012- CEO Sasa has taken over and the BOD is newly installed. In some aspects the Olympus-Cytori relationship seems to be drawing to an end, but certainly not all. Time will tell. 

Second partner I would like to present here is Hoffmann La Roche- short -Roche. In the same conference call early 2009 when Calhoun talked about his partners, he described the proprietary enzyme supplier as a "unnamed major US pharma partner, which we dont want to disclose for competitive reasons"- just to make things easy.(LOL)

Roche is a top notch biotech, which is illustrated by their bid for Illumina (on top of owning antibody giant Genentech)- that bid is all about personalized targeted gene therapy for oncology patients- exactly what Burzynski -link here is doing right now and to me the absolute FUTURE for cancer treatment. But which the FDA apparently doesnt like. (Deal didnt get established, but proves nonetheless the quality of the organisation) A perfect partner for Cytori therefore- visionaries and capable in handling other things than an "off-the-shelf" product.

Actually Astellas is of course a little more than just a candidate, since on December 7, 2010 they took an equity participation in Cytori, with the first right to negotiate a deal on liver regeneration. Cytori explained this in a note as follows:

Such a partnership would likely revolve around what we refer to as our Version 2.0 Celution® and cell therapy technology (and what Astellas calls ‘regenerative drug technology’), which is the combination of cells with pharmaceutical agents to enhance certain properties or mechanisms of the cells. This could be accomplished by incubating the cells and pharma agent outside the body or injecting the cells in combination with a systemic delivery of the drug. In addition to their negotiating right, Astellas received the right to a non-voting seat on Cytori’s board of directors and a position on our scientific advisory board.

Some people close to the matter could report that this "regenerative DRUG technology" would be related to of course ADRCs AND the drug "PROGRAF". It is well-known that Prograf looses certain patent protection in the US in 2011, but its worth having a look on what it does.

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