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Hi- nice to see you here on .
To begin with, I think I should do some general explaining.  About the site name- for instance.
The former name of the site "" has been a domain, which I have owned for well over 10 years now and has been used to convey all kind of smart things about Cytori Therapeutics Inc. Well at least I thought at the time, when I wrote the former content, that they were smart things. But most folks who visited this site in the past years, probably have different opinions about the "cleverness of the articles" which I have been writing, since the former content related to this ticker symbol, which in hindsight was not all that great of a performer at all (for reasons many different opinions probably exists) and that might be a bit of an understatement.
Still, the reason why the "" emerged, is that in those years a small community developed, which "learned" to discuss things amongst themselves in a generally civilized fashion, which is nowadays rather rare and which culture is in itself is worth preserving. Still under "Nostalgia"- some of articles from those days can still be read
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