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Cytori- The Company- its Location

To start the first round of articles on Cytori- The Company with, just an quick overview of the location from which the world of regenerative medicine will be conquered and what these folks who are employed by Cytori- about 120 in total as we speak- call their daily home away from home.


This is the entrance of Callan Road San Diego, that one gets from Google earth (German style), when one enters the headquarter address ofgoogle-earth-callan rd-entrance Cytori Therapeutics. Of course, one could do the same with the international addresses, where a few of those 120 employees are also working- presently HQ Asia in google-earth-callan rd-smallTokyo Japan and European HQ in Zug, Switzerland thereby two offices in emerging nations, one in Mumbai, India and one in South-Africa. But those locations surely are rather tiny and not worth looking at, at this point in time. 


Of course- Google earth also delivers (with some skilful navigation) a picture of the premises, of which I took a screenshot and which you can see on the left.

If you click on the image, it blows up and virtually covers your whole screen. Amazing web-tech nowadays.

And ... one sees a gigantic building, one could say. 

In total 97.000 ft² or over 8.700 m² which equals on average about 90 m² per "resident" employee!! Plenty of room for future growth I would think.


If one approaches the entrance, there are a couple of signs outside with the Company logo-



 But from that point onwards- the recording fun is at an end, since no pictures are allowed to be taken. 



To conclude- lets have a look what these guys and gals are working towards-

mission and goals of an entreprise I personally find very important. It describes "normally" which values are adhered to and sometimes have that neat touch that distinguishes the Company from others. On the Cytori homepage we find these mission statements-


Cytori´s Mission and value Statement

Cytori’s mission is to improve the quality and length of life by providing innovative regenerative therapies to patients. Our culture is derived from passion for medicine, compassion for patients, respect among employees, and commitment to our customers. We value:



This sounds all very nice- patient safety first is fine, but the rest doesnt impress me at all. They should spend a few productive hours together coming up with something better, since a few things (like ramming speed) in hindsight is an absolute non-fit i.e. more of a joke- for Cytori. A lot of shareholders would addionally argue that "accountability" is non-existent- at least for top-management. Thereto in all mission statements of public Companies I have seen, the owners i.e. the shareholders get some attention i.e recognition too. Not at Cytori- now isnt that strange.


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