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The One that got away

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If there is one thing that MDs and scientists who briefly experiment with fat cells agree upon with their colleagues who devote most of their lives studying these cells than it would be - yes- they seem to improve blood flow nicely. But why that is, has never really been all that clear. When Zuk et al plated the approx. 2% of plastic adherent SVF back in 2001/2 they apparently also did not know, which was evidenced approx. 4 years later in 2006, when UCLA  and Pittsburgh scientists battled in court with the ownership of the invention of the stromal part in SVF at stake. Pittsburgh won that battle, since they could produce a laboratory piece of paper with the handwritten note "Mesenchymal cell?" on it and Judge Consuela Marshall decided to become a free-lance scientist by suggesting that the MSCs must have travelled to the fat from the marrow and just changed properties slightly due to their new environment. Escaping "patent profanity"- patent lawyers call that. Neat story, but nowadays we know better thanks to the monumental work of Dr. Arnold Caplan from 2011- The Mesenchymal Stem Cell- an Injury Drugstore- which you can download at the bottom of this article.
In the "half can of coke" blog post from a few weeks back, I covered the components of the heterogeneous cell population, SVF or the Stromal Vascular Fraction of fat i.e what the harvest of liposuctioned fat consists of after getting rid of all their contaminants- i.e. mainly adipocytes and red blood cells.  At that point I basically left the question open, why ADRCs are much more abundant (compared to other adult cell sources) and potent with the note that Dr. Arnold Caplan will cover that. In the mean time you had the opportunity to listen and view the video that I have on the site now for a month or so, where Caplan explains all that, but I would like to summarize that briefly now.
Basically its quite easy- fat is simply a tissue which is highly vascularized in order to provide nutrition to the real fat cells i.e. the adipocytes through the vascular system. According to Caplan´s theory all blood vessels are lined with MSC pre-cursors or what he calls Pericytes. See the accompanying image. Those cells get activated upon injury and differentiate to real MSCs fighting the impact of injury through-out the body and reverse back to their pericyte (pre-cursor) state when their job is done.

Fat cells- blood flow and of course cardiac injury.

Makes sense that blood flow is a primary virtue of fat cells, since basically the vasculature is the native system of SVF. The 35% precursors in SVF plus the building blocks of an artery (the endothelial- and smooth muscle cells) can do a lot of good things to the ailing heart i.e. the cardiac system. 
Here we should turn our attention back to this application for fat cells and alltransl-studies-reporting the other translational work that is done around the globe, of which Cytori is slowly allowing us to do some peeking into, if you have a glance at the next image. (all images blow up if you click on them) The top part comes from the Alliance presentation in the spring 2013- the middle one from the IIS in the summer and the last one from the Mesa in the fall. As usual - there is no consistency in reporting by Cytori or accounting thereof and simple math is not their strenght either, so all that stuff is impossible to reconcile, but at least - HIGHLY impressive. The clinical studies with Celution by private investigators probably exceeds all studies ongoing by the competition with cultured cell mixes.
In early summer the board participants of the Raccoon Lodge (our page forum) speculated a lot what the eight studies relating to Vital Organs were all about and speculating about stroke, renal failure and liver cirrhosis etc. The slide from the summer killed those 
since it was revealed that NINE cardiovascular studies were being done, of which EIGHT were already in a late stage. Fact is Cytori themselves seems to be having a hard time to get their own studies (ATHENA I and II) going at acceptable enrollment rates. Apparently the private investigators hardly have such issues.

The one that got away (facts) - .

{eblogads left}In early December it was proven again that the Raccoon Lodge has some very talented and highly inquisitive boardmembers, who manage to find anything on the web if it is available. This time it was a YouTube video recorded by some students on the theme "cultural differences in deal making throughout the world" in which Cytori CEO Chris Calhoun spoke rather freely about his experiences on the topic. The metrics and information he provided were so specific and detailed that it was no issue at all to research the Company who represented "The One That Got Away" from late 2012, when shareholders were unpleasantly surprised with a secondary instead of the promised partner deals. The "One That Got Away" clearly was Daiichi Sankyo- the number 3 BP in Japan. No surprise the video was taken off YouTube after two days and therefore also from the Lodge.

The "one that got away video" - some bush-bush drums and some other grapevine material.

Searching for an appropriate lead image to accompany this article- I found this picture of an old woman representing singer Katy Perry, who at an old age was still mourning about "The one that got away"- her young lover who died at a car-crash.
Question is of course- will Daiichi be forever gone like Katies lover? Probably so- BOD´s do not often approve deals, after which Management changes its mind for certain reasons and want to go back to their BOD since they "made a mistake". Daiichi with their hypertension blockbusters and the upcoming Prasugrel as a more effective anti-coagulent compared to Clodiprogel is well positioned for the future. But the effectiveness of fat cells in blood flow and therefore cardiac basically assure that Cytori will find another "lover"- sooner or later. Especially because of the changes in regenerative cell technology regulations as described in my article:"Abe regenerative law passes the Upper House"
Hang in there folks- ADRCs or fat cells represent DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY- to develop disruptive tech takes time. Birds are whisteling from the trees that the money involved in the Daiichi "get away" exceeded the Cephalon-MesoBlast deal by some margin. Our time will come- the nine translational cardiac studies will take care of that..
To close with- of course- the Kate Perry video LOL-Happy Holidays!
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