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Hi- nice to see you here on .
To begin with, I think I should do some general explaining.  About the site name- for instance.
The former name of the site "" has been a domain, which I have owned for well over 10 years now and has been used to convey all kind of smart things about Cytori Therapeutics Inc. Well at least I thought at the time, when I wrote the former content, that they were smart things. But most folks who visited this site in the past years, probably have different opinions about the "cleverness of the articles" which I have been writing, since the former content related to this ticker symbol, which in hindsight was not all that great of a performer at all (for reasons many different opinions probably exists) and that might be a bit of an understatement.
Still, the reason why the "" emerged, is that in those years a small community developed, which "learned" to discuss things amongst themselves in a generally civilized fashion, which is nowadays rather rare and which culture is in itself is worth preserving. Still under "Nostalgia"- some of articles from those days can still be read
The main content presented now on this domain, that is beside the content of the discussion board itself, relate to my experiences in the field of health and everything, which is related to the goal of living a long-, enjoyable- and healthy life. I personally think, that a lot of former investors in Cytori were folks with major health problems (like I was one myself), looking for a more natural solution of their problems than radiation and pills. The "developing" demise of Cytori forced me to research for other solutions, which results are documented here for this n=1 clinical trial over several years. See below.

Researching Natural Health for selfish reasons

Despite this somewhat unfortunate past, folks who know me however, are aware that I am a dedicated researcher in many matters, including natural health and regenerative medicine and have no issue sharing the information and knowledge acquired in this research process with other folks. Since a substantial part of the research, which I did,  was directed towards solving health issues for myself, it is obvious that the knowledge gained, relate to things which I practiced on myself. That is, I was the guinea pig, since my health record from the past has not been particularly outstanding. This basically meaning - I had to re-build that health pretty much from scratch, since I never really bothered for 65 years in making progress in matters health and always thought that future progress in regenerative medicine would solve my issues....
What a surprise- it doesnt work that way.....
Anyway- writing "from experience" at least should provide me with some credibility, that is, that I happen to know what I am writing about, since I have gone through the "motions" just recently in the past years (about 5+). And another plausible reason being that the is a totally free website and therefore there are surely no commercial or similar motives involved, which is not very common nowadays.


It´s good to feel good. 

Another one of the selfish goals that I have set for myself for the rest of this earthly life is to be kind spirited, well mannered and try to have a positive influence to the same extent on my readers. For that reason you will find plenty of wisdom from other smart folks in quotes that they produced on important and unimportant things in life , which touched me and am sharing with you as a result. Quotations to feel "good" about.


100yearsSo- the will also concern my experiences with natural health medicine, working on fitness & nutritional food intake and about the many encounters I have had with established conventional medicine and as a result I will try to convey the good things from both sides of the fence, which there surely are- I am not a fanatic, who only thinks in black- and white terms. Meaning one should try to take the best from both allopathic- and naturopathic medicine. Additionally we will surely also glimpse into the future, where regenerative medicine and in particular- the anti-aging part-  is likely to play a prominent role and which fifth pillar of medicine, you can consider to be my specialty after studying Adult Stem Cells for almost 10 years now.
So- why am I doing this, you may ask?- well clearly, me and my wife surely would like to get as old as the couple, who you see on this picture on the right side, who are centenarians i.e. folks who made it to the 100 years "milestone" and I figured that, in case I am sharing my effort to achieve that same goal with you- the readers of this site- my chances that I keep it up, that is, keep pursuing that same goal and not let it slide in times of depression or whatever negativity, than the chances to succeed will only become better. Simply since nobody likes to fail, right?
So- all rather selfish, but on the other hand, as a result I might also be doing some of these small things, that I might look upon, at a later stage in life, as having been of major importance to myself and maybe-, just maybe-, also others. 
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