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What to expect on the H-side of the Lodge

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Well- from the introduction you will have noted that the subject of the page is mainly health and the quest to live a 100 years.  My views on that are simple. In order to have any success in achieving "respectable old age", the main goal must first be, to avoid getting disorders which are dangerous, killers so to speak and I think in this respect one has to prophylactically strenghten one´s defenses towards those ailments. I think that can be done. Having quite some experience with them- i.e. being a myocardial infarction and colon cancer survivor on top of a few other things, tends to help. One learns to be respectful with those things and does not under-estimate the "preventive" task or as my endocrinologist calls it - engage in risk management of your health- I agree with him on that- we disagree on the methods that are required for that "health risk management"

Besides guarding from killer disorders, the second main thing will be to slow down the typical aging processes. We have all heard from telomeres shortening, cell death and lower production of regenerative cells in the marrow whilst we age and know about those "rosting steel pipe processes" in our vascular system, which oxidative stress and other naste things undermine its functions of being an effective supplier of oxygen and cell nutrition through- out the body.

Those processes definitely can be battled also and must be won to avoid looking like a shrinkled-, parchment like individual when one is 80 years old, due to loss of water-, muscle and elastic tissue etc. It should be clear that anti-aging- is another main topic in respect of the health side of the Raccoon-lodge - theoretically, i.e. what I have picked up and seems to make sense and practically, what I have experienced to help myself. 

The form in which the health information will be presented will be two-fold- first- categorized in articles or pages by subject- which one might consider to be the "permanent information" content of this page and will be kind of the encyclopedia of my personal experiences and knowledge, where I will strive for completeness and some logical order... and secondly, regular small blog type stories on the general topic of Natural Health, which will appear adhoc centenarians1on topics encountered in time and will simply be posted in the "Health-Blog" as they come in chronological sequence.


I do intend to support the writing- that is the theory with studies and opinions of experts. Scientists like Aubrey de Grey, for instance will be found at several occasions, indicating that most of the content will (hopefully) have a solid scientific background, but again- it also will involve a lot of personal experiences in my effort to do the right things in improving my health too, which experiences are of course highly subjective and "selfish".
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